Whacky Toppings 😱

Location: Aqua S, CBD, Sydney.

Price: 5-10$

Sydney’s best soft serve 🍦 

It’s not the taste which makes Aqua S so popular but it’s the creativity at which they mix and match toppings with flavour.

I never thought that a combination of sea salt and toffee flavoured soft serve would actually work. On top of that when you add the marshmallow it changes the whole game.

These guys are always inventing and creating more to satisfy our taste buds, some new flavours include bubblegum, earl grey milk tea, tofu, chocolate cheese cake, purple yam, hazelnut chocolate and many more. 


Pancakes at its best! 

Location: Chambers Fine Coffee & Wine Bar, Rhodes, Sydney.

Price: $12

Chambers is a small coffee house just a few minutes away from the station. It’s got a lovely vibe and it’s really busy during weekend mornings.

The place has a variety of pancakes from the classic pancakes to fruit pancakes and also red velvet pancakes. 

They have a wide variety of choice for a vegetarians and it’s an ideal place for a breakfast for two. 


Location: Andiamo, Rhodes, Sydney.

Price: 20$

Andiamo is a very cosy Italian restaurant right on the corner of Walker St in Rhodes. Its got a good vegetarian variety and has a really nice vibe in the day.

We ordered the Margherita pizza and the Mushroom Formaggi Pasta. Both the dishes were prepared really well and had the Italian essence which seems to be missing in the fast food pizza’s today.

We need to rethink the way we enjoy our favourite meal, sometimes the experience takes over the taste.


Location: Dreamworld, Gold Coast, Australia.

Price: 10$

Have you been to an adventure park and felt exhausted AF. Well, the only thing you need at that time is an ice cream. Dreamworld has a huge ice cream parlor which changed our mind from ice cream to these yummy Nutella thick shakes.

I would recommend everyone to check out this adventure park and if you want an extra kick after a tiring day try these shakes.



Location: Oliver Brown, All over Sydney.

Price: 6$-15$

Have you ever smelt Belgian chocolate when you enter a cafe? Not yet. Try out Oliver brown. It’s got one of my best had hot chocolates in all three types of chocolate – dark, white and milk.

One hot chocolate experience wasn’t enough, so then came the banana and strawberry waffles. The perfect combination of fruits and chocolate was displayed at Oliver Brown.

If you’re here in Australia, you need to go in one of theses. Starbucks as a brand has not be able to manage itself in Oz, but Oliver Brown has.