Best Indian Food

Indian food done right

Location: Kinara, Holland Village, Singapore.

Price: 50-60$

If you are have a craving of eating really good Indian food you should definitely try Kinara. They have orders taken over tablets and their is no human intervention between you and your meal.

Have the paneer butter masala, the dal makhani and assorted breads, they are the best things this restaurant serves. No other options, because these are the best.


The sin you would want to commit


Original Sin

Location:Original Sin, Opp Holland Village, Singapore.

Price: 42$

Its tough to find an all vegetarian restaurant in Singapore unless it serves Indian food or is a part of Little India, this restaurant not only is all vegetarian bur serves Mediterranean, and Western food.

If you move around in Holland Village you will find many restaurants but I would put this one in my Top 3.


Chaat in Little India

Raj Kachori

Location: Raj Restaurant, Little India, SingaporeIMG_0590

Price: 7 SG$

It’s just a coincidence that the name of the dish and restaurant name is the same, but th
ey have lived up to my chaat standards. Its the right proportion and sweet and spicy and its worth every single bite

You might get many options in Little India for chaat, but according to me this one is the best.

It’s a vegetarian restaurant!

Sundaes / Ice cream meltdowns

Giant Earthquake

Location: Swensen’s, VivoCity, Singapore.

Price: Depending upon your ice cream choice

Beneath all that liquid nitrogen are my 8 chosen flavours of ice cream with 8 different toppings.

This is more like a table dessert, cannot be finished by two. You can get the same in smaller scoop sizes called the “Regular Earthquake”.

Other Vedy Options: Deconstructed raspberry Cheesecake Sundae, Chocolate Fondue and Salted Gula Melaka Heaven

The Flatbread


Pizza has no fixed shape or size!

Location: Chili’s Singapore

Price: 19 SG$

The Margherita Flatbread served at Chili’s is only available in some countries. It a newly customized thin crust pizza with a biscuit like base giving it a crunchy edge to the classic Margherita.

The disappointing fact about Chili’s is that they weren’t able to replicate the Singapore menu in Dubai, which provides more veg options and has a large vegetarian consumer base.

Other Vedgy Options: Molten Chocolate Cake, Veggie Quesadillas, Classic Nachos Bottomless Tostada Chips and Veggie Burger

The Secret Ingredient is always Cheese

 Cannelloni Spinaci

Location: Vivo City Mall, Singapore
Price: 28 SG$

“There is too much cheese in this” said nobody ever. This dish is one of the best vegetarian options in Modestos.

Modestos has got the right combination of healthy spinach cooked in tomato sauce with loads of yummy cheese.

Modestos also serve extra cheese and chilli on the table, use that for extra flavour

Other Vedgy options include: Pizza Margherita, Pizza Funghi, Penne Arrabbiata and Quattro Formaggi