Very own Brewery

Childhood + Adulthood

Location: Doolally, Bandra, Mumbai.

Price: 750 INR per person

The concept of local breweries has just started to begin in Mumbai, some local joints like Doolally are the first to gain the market with their unique flavored, locally brewed beer.

While they serve alcohol, the major highlight is the sides and the main course they serve, to keep people engaged they have all sorts of board games lying around to just pick up and start playing


AKA or A.K.A?

What’s with the ambience? 

Location: AKA, Worli, Mumbai, India.

Price: 1000 INR

It’s a newly opened place in worli and it has a weird kind of vibe. The restaurant theme is a mix of Astec setting with yellow lighting. They are trying to hard to fit in everywhere, with the “not so live” chaat counter and the never ending bar.

The Assorted Mushroom platter was the best dish followed by the Blueberry Garden dessert, they had some lipsmacking desserts which I’m waiting to try the next time I visit.

Rice to meet you

Vegetarian SushiIMG_5919[1].JPG

Location – Shiro, Worli, Mumbai, India.

Price – 2000 INR per person

If you really want to have good vegetarian sushi do not think twice
Just go to Shiro, they have a huge vegetarian variety which is nicely explained in their menu. The servers are quite helpful and will give you what you need hitting your taste buds perfectly. They also have some great desserts like the Molten choco lava cake and the Mandarin  Chocolate Velvet Cake.


Not just a theatre

Prithvi Cafe

Location: Prithvi Cafe, Juhu, Mumbai.

Price: 200-400 INR per person

Prithvi Theatre is very famous for the lovely plays they host, but right outside the theatre is prithvi’s very own cafe.

This cafe unlike the others in that area is always full, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner finding a place here is always tough.

What can I say about the perfect waffles? You can find your best food match here.

Sion’s most popular

Samosa Chole

Location: Gurukripa, Sion, Mumbai.

Price: 37 INR

If you got a chance to sit at a personal table at Guru Kripa during lunch hour you should count yourself lucky.

People travel from all around the city just to try the Samosa Chole here
Hygiene might be a bit of a concern for some people, but nothing comes close to Mumbai roadside food

Cooked in front of your eyes 

Sweet Start

Location: Jainsons, Walkeshwar, Mumbai, India.

Price: 300-500 INR (according to the weight)

Jainsons is a full time working shop, but on Sunday mornings this place transforms from just an ordinary shop to a must have jalebi destination.

The best part of having jalebi here is that you can see how everything is made right in front of you and you can also ask them to make a fresh batch if you find your jalebi not hot enough.


The Townie Pizza

Jack’s Pizzaimg_5303

Location: Jack’s Pizza, Grant Road, Mumbai, India.

Price: 300-500 INR

Unlike another tomato gravy based pizza’s this one has a different edge to it.

The Margherita pizza has toppings of sun-dried tomatoes which are delicious

We were delivered hot pizzas. The pizza did not get chewy even after it was reheated.

Other Vedgy Options: Fiama