New York Fries

Not your “French” Friese5350fb7c9c2f94461c377fcf65f2ba7_1455868554.jpg

Location: New York Fries, Festival City, Dubai, UAE.

Price: 15-20 DHS

Our mentality is so stuck up on fries being a side dish that we never try innovative dishes like what NYF offers

New York Fries mixes the American classic fries with global flavours such as Imli which is India, Nacho’s which is a Tex-Mex dish and they also serve the classic fries




Never Forget the Old-Timers

Every Bite is a Tasty Bite24070136076758265e1d7be7ddcf117c_1459317162.jpg

Location: Tasty Bites, Meena Bazaar, Dubai, UAE.

Price: 10-30 DHS per person

We always try new restaurants and as foodies we all are the first ones there to try it. But we often forget the restaurants recommended by our parents and relatives who repeatedly visited few place. It was either because the food was extraordinary or most of the times they felt like they were eating at home away from home.

Tasty Bites is a combination of both the above scenarios, it has excellent falafel bullets and acts as one of those homely small compact spaces to eat.

Other Vedgy Options: Fattosh, Hommus and Garlic Bread

A Spoon Can Cut Like a Knife

Panna Cotta

Location: Armani Caffe, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE.

Price: 48 DHS

If you are tired of walking in Dubai Mall and want to have a dessert which will make your day? You should walk towards Armani Caffe. I bet this walk will be worth it, it has some of the best desserts I have eaten. All the desserts are freshly prepared with lots of fruits and food decorations are fantastic

One would wonder as the name “Armani” is attached, the prices would be exhorbitant. But luckily thats not the case, the name Armani only helps in displaying quality and perfection in their food making techniques

All desserts are vegetarian!

Tacos with a Twist 

Pesto Tacos

Location: Ottimo, Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE.

Price: 29 DHS

We were about to order a portion of tacos when the server suggested us to try these pesto ones

We heard him and we tasted these beautifully made tacos with the right amount of pesto sauce in the base

It was just going perfectly with the cheese on the top and beans in the middle

All vegetarian place! 

My stomach is never full

Eat till you drop

Location: Absolute Barbecues, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.25e3e5d72fbe0b21bd7ee2e0b45386e9_1448996753

Price: Varies according to the day, 70-100 DHS

If you have been to Barbecue Nation before, you will be familiar with the concept of AB’s. They serve you unlimited starters and have a unlimited buffet for your main course.
The food is of high quality and this is the best place to enjoy a full feast dinner, the unique factor about AB’s is that it offers live chaat and dessert counter which is missing at Barbecue Nation

While the food is free, additional charges are paid to by drinks and thats how AB’s makes their money.

Crafted for and by Vegetarians

Gourmet Vege

Location: BurgerFuel, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE.Burgerfuel

Price: 32 DHS

BurgerFuel has made sure that none of their customers leave their outlet with an empty stomach, to do that they made sure they have a Burger for everyone.

They have a huge gorilla poster in the Dubai mall outlet where they boast about their vegetarian variety and how the burgers have been crafted by vegetarians to match the perfect taste

BurgerFuel has a very innovative way for making customers hold their burgers without letting their hands get dirty, check it out next time you visit

Other Vedgy Options: V-DUB VEGE and V-TWIN VEGE

Juicing it a little bit

The most refreshing drink 

Location: Al Mallah, Dubai, UAE.

Price: 15 dhs

They don’t serve juices in glasses, they serve them in mugs. My personal favourite is the watermelon juice, its freshly squeezed and goes really well with all the vegetarian food out there.

It can be one of your late night meal choices and also a take away option.

Other Vedgy Options: Cheese Garlic Manakeesh, Falafel Sandwich, Fattoush and Cheese Zaatar